More than 20 years of international experience optimizing assets and maximizing their profitability


Rigorous definition of prefeasibility to secure investments

The advantage resides in our experience with negotiating the best conditions

Proceedings for implementation of renewable energy projects: from green field to financial close

  • Legal and administrative framework
  • Land and authorizations management
  • Authorizations & administrative permissions approval
  • Grid connection processing
  • Engineering management
  • Technical reporting & bankability
  • Construction & commissioning schedule
  • Procurement
    • - Equipment Supply Agreement (turbines, modules, inverters)
    • - Balance of plant
    • - O&M phase schedule and structure
  • PPA and energy sale agreements
  • International tendering structure and strategic alliances
  • Financial structure

Wind Resource & Micrositing

Ensure the resource and its operation in long term conditions

Wind resource characterization and evaluation

  • Siting and classification procedures
  • Resource measurement
  • Resource characterization [Wind Resource assessment]
  • Micrositing, layout optimization
  • Farm infrastructure design
  • Energy production analysis and estimation
  • Conceptual design

Performing measurements since 1993, over 90 masts all over the world


Experts making projects a reality to materialize your investment

An extensive international experience managing and supervising works, together with a meticulous design of the park, allows us to optimize the expenses and construction times

Pre-construction: Structure for construction stages

  • Technical feasibility studies
  • Basic and detailed engineering
  • Financial structure definition
  • Insurance contracts
  • Contracts negotiation
  • Support during due diligence process

Project supervision & coordination

  • Coordination of suppliers & subcontractors
  • Work and relationship with governmental administration
  • Relationship with lands ownership
  • Preparation and issuance of technical documentation
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Ensure Health & Safety protocol
  • Claims handling
  • Process monitoring

Integral Asset Management

Optimization of asset management & performance

Operation of the facility

  • Energy sale / purchase
  • Ensure contractual compliance with maintainers
  • Electrical infrastructure management
  • Direction of civil work infrastructure
  • Processes optimization
  • Cost control
  • Supplier management
  • Stock & logistics management
  • Ensure Health & Safety protocol
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Insurances / Claims handling
  • Damage calculations
  • Reporting

Legal and administrative management

  • In-house accounting
  • Tax returns
  • Relationship with financial institutions
  • Treasury management and control
  • Financial management
  • Legal and Tax advisory
  • Contingency supervision and coordination

Suitability in Administrative, Legal and Technical Cohesion


  • Real-time monitoring of facilities
  • Notification of incidents
  • Reduced response times
  • Work planning
  • Planning and actions focused on increasing availability and output
  • Communications and maintenance
  • SCADAs management
  • Predictive analysis and modelling
  • Detailed reporting


  • Control of preventive maintenance
  • Major corrective actions and supervision
  • Visual inspections
  • Quality inspection
  • Root cause investigations
  • Contract management and supervision

We improve the performance and service life of the project

ACC (Asset Control Centre)

Production control measures aimed at maximizing profit

Since 2008, we monitor and control in real time 24/7, wind farms integrated by different technologies in Europe and America.

We anticipate situations, taking the necessary measures to increase availability, optimize resources and avoid over costs, thereby increasing the benefit of the installation.

Representative office of REE (SPAIN)


Ratified operators by CENACE (Mexico)


Other services

Global engineering projects

Providing engineering services since 1986

  • Cogeneration
  • Solar PV / Thermal solar
  • Hydro
  • Biomass
  • Energetic valorization of wastes
  • Biodiesel
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